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If you are interested in volunteering and helping on one of the committees below, please contact one of the Board members. Our chapter committees are always in need of volunteers.

GA NATP Board of Directors 2018 – 2019

President – Jerry H. Oakes

Vice President – Cecil Norris

Treasurer – Jack Lowery

Secretary – David Evans

Director – Jack Parks

Director – Audrey Gibbons

Director – Shirley King

Director – Samantha Wood

Director – John Beazle

Director – Heather Bush

Director – Gladys Hazel

Director – Bobbie Wainwright

Director – Chuck Stephens

Committee Chairpersons

Heather Bush

Samantha Wood

John Beazle

Chapter of the Year:
Bobby Wainwright

Government Relations:
Chuck Stephens

Jack Lowery

Professional Standards/Ethics:
Jack Parks

Gladys Hazel

Public Relations:
Heather Bush

State Conference/Vendors:
John Beazle